To visit


– From Hendaye (France), already in the French Basque Country, leading to the peculiar and beautiful road of La Corniche (for its cliffs and views of the Cantabrian western and towards the plain of Les Landes), driving all the time direction Sokoa St Jean de Luz, Guéthary, Bidart to Biarritz ( Landes magnificent and elegant city, full of “charm” and romance)
– Hondarribia. With its historic, old, narrow streets full of bars typically Basques and walks around the Watchtower Ibil-Bidea bordering the coast to PasajesDonibane
– Monte Jaizkibel. From Hondarribia, passing by the church of Santa Guadalupe. Magnificent views from the top, enjoying the forest Cantabrian.
– Costa Guipuzcuana. Obviously, it is the time of year it is, requires Donostia San Sebastian visit !!! The pearl of the Cantabrian.
City very nice and quiet and visit the “savor.” Not only their “pintxos”… The walk from the town hall, at the top of La Concha beach towards El Peine del Viento overlooking the beach, Monte and Monte Igeldo Urgul… tant is a sunny morning or evening is full of sensations!!!
– From Zarautz to Getaria towards Zumaia following on foot, by car or bicycle… Looking at the sea pasisatge the Cantabrian coast and its tipical “sailors” villages.


– Again starting with the French side, but now from the inside, the small towns along the border between France and Spain are worthy of a visit. It is well known how the French take care of the details of streets, squares and buildings.
– From Sara, Ainhoa, Espelette, Cambo les Bains… towards Saint Jean Pied de Port and Saint Ethienne of Baigory to return to Spain to Orreaga / Roncesvalles is a “tour” of a day to visit a part of the Basque Country French delicatessen buy (regional products and crafts such as foie gras, cheese Ossau DO / Iraty, red peppers, chili pepper…) in short: landscape, cuisine and culture.
– From Doneztebe-Santesteban, taking direction Leizta we enter the tranquil Valley of Malerreka, through Ituren, Zubieta Elgorriaga and going to Ezkurra, Saldias …
– The preciousness of the Valley of Baztan (N-121B), with all its small towns, villages in a rural Navarra, with many walking routes and enjoy quiet lament on foot or on horseback. Forced to walk Elizondo, capital of the valley and taste chocolate artisan cheese “small village” or lamb Valley.
– The cascade Xorroxin, from Gorostapolo (Erratzu) – a few kilometers of Elizondo)
– Natural Park Manor Bertiz – free guided tours
– Caves of Urdax Zugarramundi-
– 28 km. of VíaVerde for cyclists, from Irun to Parque Natural del Señorío de Bertiz (stretch to Elizondo in the project)
– From Doneztebe-San Esteban, direction Urroz, you can upload up to the “Embalses de Leurtza” (see route Activities section). surrounded by incredible forests it is worthfull to visit and admiring it any time of the year.
-Etxalar, 8 kms from Lesaka, village postal Bortzirinavarrés, cozy and quiet climb “of Palomeras Extalar” in “Collado de Usategieta”, both by road and on foot.


– Walking, mountains, gastronomy, landscapes, beaches, spa, villages, waterfalls …….
We should not forget that Navarra is a “great” autonomous community ….. and great diversity of Earth …
So, if your stay is weekly or biweekly, you can make a short trip to Tierras de Estella Area or Media Ribera worth well worth visiting!!!
What is in the nearer???
House-palace Itzea in Bera (4.5 km)
Aranibar House Tower (6.0 km)
Mirador Lizarrieta, in Etxalar (17,2 km)
Mirador La Rhune, Little Train de La Rhune (22 km)
Castillo Del Inglés (8.8 km)
Peñas de Aia (14 km) Mirador Peñas de Haya (14 km)
San Marcial Church (11.1 km)
Balneary in Elgorriaga (21,3 km)
Eth Irún (11.7 km)
Caves of Zugarramurdi (12.5 km)
Lordship of Bertiz (24,3 km)
Xorroxin Cascade (40 km in Gorostapolo-Baztan)


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