Cottage Pikukoborda


The PikukoBorda cottage has been rebuilt from a centenary hut located in the heart of nature, surrounded by an extraordinary landscape. Afar, but yet close to civilization, it is only one kilometer away from downtown Lesaka.

Exposed to the elements, out in the woods and with an East-South-West position, it receives lots of natural light all day long, all year round. Only the main façade faces North.

It has been painstakingly restored, with a complete respect to the initial building’s country foundation.

The landscape surrounding the house is a joy to behold – the Spring and Summer green shades found in the ferns, the fruit trees, the beeches, the pine-trees and the oaks, the varied reddish and ochre tones of Autumn, and even the Winter brown colors of the beeches and the leafless trees turn out welcoming and pleasant… and always in communion with the sheep’s green pastures.

The singing of birds enhances the views and a feeling of shelter floats around PikukoBorda.

I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I enjoy my day today here!