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I learnt –many moons ago– that when you find a purpose in your life, it is not a matter of waiting, demanding or wishing, but a matter of acting on it. It is imperative to get involved and committed, to move on with motivation and self-confidence.

Sometimes things don’t turn out as expected, but I have also learnt that they turn out the way theywere supposed to be from the beginning. And then comes the time to double-check whatever was wrong and refocus.

Here, at Pikuko, I keep adjusting, refocusing, double-checking, accepting… staying confident and wishing. There’s no straight path in life!

A couple days ago, the Tourism Department of the Government of Navarre grantedPikuko CRH- the Bed and Breakfast area of the house-two stars. A recognitionfor the work well done and the efforts made. Not that the cottage would be less of “country guest house”, nor would I be less of a professional had we stayed in our old rank, but… why deny my pride, satisfaction and gratitude?!

THANK YOU for this opportunity to move forward!

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  1. Javiercico
    October 13th, 2015

    Muchas felicidades

    Imagino que hay mucho trabajo ahí metido

  2. pikukoborda2
    October 27th, 2015

    Hola Javier!!!
    Muchas GRACIAS!!!!…. la verdad es que sí “metí” mucho trabajo…y muchas otras cosas….pero COMPENSA!!!!

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